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    Interesting Review Of Trance Music

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    Interesting Review Of Trance Music

    Post by Para on Mon 01 Jun 2009, 14:59


    A good definition written by Yoshi.

    Trance music. The most commercial genre of electronic music. Many people love it, but not that many know why this music got this name. There is so much confusion about this genre in the last time. What is trance, what is not. So here is now my personal view about trance music and i know many people agree with me.

    Trance music is psychedelic dance music like ambient music with a danceable beat or “a transcendental and metaphysical listening experience”, Everything started in the beginning of the 90s. Acid House band “The KLF” released some of the first identifiable trance recordings like “What Time Is Love?” and “3 a.m. Eternal”. While the KLF’s works are clear examples of proto trance, two songs from 1990, are widely regarded as being the first “true” trance records. The first, “Age of Love – Age Of Love” was released in early 1990 and is seen as creating the basis for the original trance sound to come out of Germany. The second track was “Dance 2 Trance – We Came In Peace”. The trance sound beyond this acid-era genesis is said to have begun as an off-shoot of techno in German clubs during the very early 1990s. Frankfurt is often cited as a birthplace of trance. Some of the first pioneers of the genre included Jam El Mar, Oliver Lieb, Sven Väth and Torsten Stenzel, who all produced numerous tracks under multiple aliases. At this time trance music was still how it suppost to be. Underground music with dark atmospheres which really put you into trans. In the middle of the 90s progressive trance came into fortherground and set in stone the basic formula of modern trance by becoming even more focused on the anthemic basslines and lead melodies. Meanwhile, a different type of trance, generally called uplifting trance was becoming popular. At the end of the 90s trance remained commercially huge with artists like Ferry Corsten, Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, Rank 1, Above & Beyond, Paul Oakenfold, Darren Tate who came to the forefront as premier producers and remixers of this genre, bringing with them the emotional, “epic” feel of the style. Some people say the real trance died when uplifting came to the fortherground and i must say i kind of agree with them. I believe with artists like Ferry Corsten, Rank 1, Above & Beyond, Tiesto, everything started to going down. Trance became music for masses, commercial and that meaned the end of the magic that this music had with their unique underground scene. Unfortunatly the whole idea of trance music got lost when more and more vocals and cheesy melodies came into this music. It’s a natural process. Producers now added catchy melodies and vocals to reach more and more people with their music so they became more popular. And THIS runied the trance scene in my opinion. The whole idea of trance was that this music should be underground, music for only small group of people who can understand/feel this unique instrumental music. Trance was all about the magical, dark, spacey atmosphere when you thought you are travelling into other dimensions. Today, with catchy melodies and vocals everybody can understand this music cause it’s nothing other then pop, so unfortunatly it lost his magic.

    People this days, especialy young people who came into this music after 2000 and haven’t inform themselfs about the history of trance music, have wrong interpretations about trance music and what it is all about. Mostly when they hear a track like “Georgia – Ode To 99” they say: wow, this is pure trance (in my opinion one of the worst “trance” tracks of the year)! Most of them think if there is no typical trance supersaw synthy in it (example tracks “Oceanlab – Satellite” or “System F – Out Of The Blue” or “Rank 1 – Airwave”), it’s not trance music (or every track that has this cheesy synthy in it, is automaticly trance). It’s funny when you show somebody a breakbeat trance track like “Sasha – Fundamental” or a classic like “LSG – Hearts” and he tells you, what is this, this is not trance music. But when you show something like “ATB – Let U Go”, yeah, this is trance Smile Many of this people also believe everything DJs like Tiesto, Armin or Above & Beyond play is automaticly trance music. But trance is not music which you could select because of the elements in it, but because of the atmosphere in it. And this was the thing why trance was so special back then and why it got this name. Because of the entrancing atmosphere which put you in some other places, other dimensions, you have been travelling into some other dark places with your mind and forgeting all the world around you, you didn’t know anymore who you are. Todays trance its pop music like many groundbreaking producers who had helped create the trance sound like Cosmic Baby, Sven Väth or Oliver Lieb said. Music for masses with catchy melodies and cheesy vocals. Radio shows like “A State Of Trance” turned thru the last years the trance music into pop. There is not really something wrong with this. But fans of this new trance need to understand that it has NOTHING to do with the magical trance music from years back. The new trancers should know the difference. That todays trance has nothing to do with the old, it was totally different idea, music.

    I believe it’s still good trance music what we have today. I love many, many of the tracks which came out in the last years. But i’m smart enough to see the difference between this tracks and the ones that were real trance (entrancing) music. The difference between this trance and the old one is almost as big as between dance music and trance music.

    But no matter what is trance music and what not, listen to the music you like, you feel and you love. No matter if it’s Britney Spears


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