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    We Interview: Chocolate Puma

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    We Interview: Chocolate Puma

    Post by Pure Ice on Thu 18 Jun 2009, 09:22


    Hello, Hello! A big thank you for sitting down with us ahead of this Saturdays ‘Strictly Rhythm’ it looks set to be a blinder!!

    Right, so first and foremost…What can we look forward to this Saturday?
    We’re playing at the 20th anniversary of the most influential house label ever, Strictly Rhythm. So you can imagine we’re very excited. And the fact that the party is held at Ministry of Sound doesn’t do any harm either.

    How would you describe your sound and style?
    In our productions we always focus on the beats, they have to be rocking and funky. If the beats are laid out, we can go in every direction. From smooth vocals to freaked out electronic sounds. As long as it has a good vibe and the right amount of energy. And as we're only playing our own production and remixes, that's what you can expect. Banging beats and lots of energy.

    You guys have worked under the alias of name aside from Chocolate Puma such as ‘The Goodmen’ what’s the philosophy behind this?
    We used a lot of aliases in the past. It was just another era. In the early 90's using different names was very common. We always have been all over the place, and as we have been producing so many styles of music and so many tracks, we figured we needed as many aliases. Now times have changed, we've grown up a little, the whole game changed, and it just feel right to stick to one project name. We're more focused then ever.

    Where did the name Chocolate Puma come from?
    We used to have a brown goldfish in the studio called Puma. So there you have it.

    Since first rising onto the scene, how would you say your style progressed over the last years?
    We're still pretty eclectic, but our sound matured. In the early days we were like young kids in a candy store, trying everything at the same time. Now we're a bit more focused, while still trying to keep it fresh. Production wise a lot has changed because of the new studio techniques. From cutting tape and using dusty mixing desks, to having your complete studio in a laptop, we've seen it all. But in the end we still love to make proper dance music.

    What influences you guys when you go into the studio?
    Almost everything, from records by young upcoming producers, old skool soul, 90ties house, the weather, punk rhythms, movie themes and vintage car sounds, to new plug-ins, hip hop, fashion hipsters and weird music blogs, you name it.

    Have you got any tips for any rising producers out there?
    Be original. Be yourself. Work hard. Do it for the music, not the fame.

    What producers/ DJs are doing it for you at the moment?
    Bart B more, Bingo Players, Baggi Begovic, Prok & Fitch, ….

    What are your top ten tracks?
    There are 3 tracks that are absolutely setting the dance floor on fire at the moment.
    - our latest collaboration with Bingo Players - Disco Electrique,
    - our remix for Shovell - Soul Makossa,
    - and our remix of the classic Sole Fusion - Bass Tone on Strictly.
    Other favorites are
    - Sil - Dirty Windows (Chocolate Puma Remix),
    - Bizarre Inc - Playing With Knives (CP Bootleg),
    - Bart B More - So It Goes (Chocolate Puma Remix),
    - Chocolate Puma - Dub Of Boom, Only Love Can Save Me, Morning Rain (Moist Beats)
    - and some new trippy futuristic weird untitled demos we've been testing out lately.

    What do you guys prefer producing in the studio or DJ-ing to a crowd?
    We love to do both. When we're in the studio we can't wait to test out our latest tracks. And when we're in front of a crowd we get really inspired by the energy the people give us. It puts the sounds we create in the studio in a whole new perspective. We then can't wait to get back in the studio to translate that feeling into new music.

    What would you say has been your biggest achievement?
    After 18 years of producing records still being around.

    How does the crowd differ in Holland from anywhere else in the world?
    The Dutch crowd is known for being a bit more critical, so you really have to work a little bit harder to get them throwing their hands in the air. But that's a good thing, it keeps us sharp. And maybe that's something that sets Dutch DJ's apart from the rest?

    Where in the world is your favourite place to play?
    This year's WMC in Miami has been very good for us. The kids in Eastern Europe are always insane (in a good way!), and Sao Paulo is fantastic!

    Your playing at DanceValley, will you be playing any other festivals this summer?
    We've been known for always playing anywhere in the world, but in Holland. But this year we're doing a lot of Dutch festivals. For example Free Your Mind, Defected In The House @ Lakedance, and some really nice and cozy festivals like Trix in the Mix, Zomerkriebels and Mattrix at the Park.

    Have you got any funny stories from any past festivals?
    Well...maybe not funny but nevertheless very memorable. While playing at this massive 40.000 people festival in Brazil, all of a sudden Zki disappeared off the stage. So when I looked down, there he was, laying on the concrete, next to a girl! It turned out that they had these banners behind the 10 ft high stage, but forgot to make a proper fence, and as a result they both fell down. Fortunately they had no major injuries, apart from some scratches and bruises.

    Talking of summer what’s your favourite ice-cream flavour?
    Chocolate Fudge of course..

    Lastly, what do you think you would been doing now if you weren’t a DJ?
    Ice cream manufacturer!

    Thanks guys, you’ve been great!

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